My work : Art Direction & Motion Design with Alcafilms.
Artist : Reboot
Label : Noon Artists (
Nature is maths, nodes, points and vertices.
Nature is organic forms morph into geometric figures.
With the use of timelapse, speedup videos and slow motion, high quality live action stock footage shows the time pass through the creation of shapes, colours and rich textures.
The images are gradually layered with small motion design effects : dots follow the wind, the leaves, and the water.
These dots are connected by lines, and these lines draw shapes.
The images then fade and disappear, like the wind.
Leaving only the geometric shapes on a black background, moving to the music.
This concept drives the graphical direction we gave to this teaser and to the live visuals that will go with the Reboot Alive Tour 2016.

A unique analog sound experience.
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