Rere El Vidre (Behind The Glass)

"Behind the glass" by Alca Films has been awarded with the Second Prize - Professional Category at the International Mapping Festival of Girona.
The jury, was formed by Joanie Lemercier, icon of the revolution of videoprojection and mapping ; Amar Mulabegovic, Signal festival co-founder and artistic director of the collective The Macula ; Mariona Omedes, director of nueveojos studio ; Thomas Vaquié, composer for audiovisual installations and Antoon Verbeek, from the animation studio Skullmapping.

Made at BLIT (formerly
Marc Colomines - Creative Director
Manuel Creignou - Art Director & Motion Design
Borja Aguado - 3D artist & Motion Design

Laia Claver - Poetry
Nicole JO. band - Soundtrack
David Lara - Sound design
Rosa Maria Nadal & Sophie Mancuso - actresses
Kike A. Pastrana - Camera Operator
Eva Borràs - Production
Jordi Jané - Production

Song - The Lovely Thing
Composer - Elmar Federkeil
Band - Nicole JO
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